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A skillful Anchor/Emcee can elevate any event and provides well-coordinated atmosphere during the event. He/she has the power to host as well as execute different types of events. Whenever there is a talk about most trusted anchor/emcee starts, Santosh Tandon is always acknowledged for his superb anchoring/hosting skills. He is one of the best examples of anchors that have an excellent adaptability which helps him to easily recognize the ambiance as well as the audience.


versatility is rarely seen! The audience loves his voice as well as event management skills. His clients admire his works and always welcome him for future events. He works with a perfect blend of entertainment and intelligent mindset which makes him the best male anchor in Delhi or emcee for all kinds of events. Mr. Tandon has done more than 3600 live shows and events for corporate sector, families and entertainment industry.


Mimicry is still loved by audiences and mimicry of voices is a tough job which can be done only by expertise over the voice. Like always, Santosh has a very good command over his voice pitch and as a result he can easily modulate his voice to provide excellent tone. He can mimic in 16 different voices which grabbed him a title -“King of Voice”. He believes his voice is the biggest strength in his life, so by taking proper care of the voice texture, he is always appreciated for his work.