Best Male Anchor In Delhi You Were Looking For Your Event
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Best Male Anchor In Delhi You Were Looking For Your Event

Whether it be a personal ceremony, a religious gathering or a corporate event, Managing the whole function from the stage is very challenging and important task. You can’t just send anyone on stage and hope that he will control the crowd and run the whole event as smoothly as butter. So, You need a professional and experienced Anchor cum emcee that will prove to be backbone and main focus of the whole event.

When we start looking for an anchor, we generally look for a person who is experienced, humorous and charming in nature. Well, Let me tell you that 18 years of experience and 3600 live shows would be probably more than enough for what you are looking into.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is Santosh Tandon for you, Best male anchor in Delhi.

Santosh Tandon is the best male anchor in Delhi and India

Santosh Tandon

The King of Mimicry

Mimicry is one of the funniest and comic art that puts humor and happiness in the event. Santosh Tandon is an expert of mimicry. He can mimic about 32 voices and the epic presentation skill makes his performances like super duper hit.

Best Male Anchor in Delhi

Anchoring is not about just reading a pre-planned script like extempore or something. It is a pure art that comes from confidence, communication power and adaptability of the social environment. And Santosh Tandon is an expert of all those skills. You will never get a feeling to suggest or improve anything in his programme as he has well and sound experience in improvising the event according to the demand of time.


As said earlier, Santosh has hosted over 3600 events. Some of those events are corporate events, reality shows, Brand Promotion events and much more.

Now that You know so much about the best male anchor in Delhi, what are you waiting for? Go grab your phone and check if he is available for your next event. And yeah! He is having a tight schedule So you should not wait for last minute hassles. He is just a phone call away.